Reflecting on the project

At the start of this project, it was hard to figure out how to begin. The assignment was not very specific on what exactly we had to do. This meant a lot of brainstorming was required at the start of the project on how to create a new, exciting and informative experience for the visitors of the museum. We also wanted to focus on making it an authentic experience for the visitors of the temple of Taffeh. This brainstorming caused some discussions in our group. Because with four people, there are multiple views on what is most important for the project; creating a very nice idea or creating the actual prototype. These different points of view were mostly due to our different studies and the way we were taught to do things. However, these discussions made us aware of the different possibilities and we were able to reach a good compromise on how to execute this project. We also became a closer team, because we were able to tell each other when we didn’t agree with the way things were going.

At the start we also needed some sessions trying out the hololens, so we could learn the possibilities and limitations of the hololens. These sessions were fun to do, because the hololens is such a novelty and a very nice device to play with.

We learned a lot during this project, because there was so many new aspects to this prooject that we hadn’t come into contact with yet. Working in a multidisciplinary team, learned us to take into account different views. Working with the hololens was also a complete new experience, because we needed to learn to program in Unity3D, which was none of us had done before. By deviding in smaller sub-teams, we worked most efficiently, each one of us focussing on what we were best at. The Industrial Design students focussed on the idea and the brainstorming, while the Computer Science and the Mechanical Engineering students focussed on programming and creating the app. However, this does not mean that the two teams didn’t work together towards the end of the project. The last weeks we all worked on the app and the presentation of the prototype together.

After one week, we noticed there were a lot of people interested in our project. We even got interviewed by Reuters. This gave us a lot of motivation for our project, which in turn made working a lot more fun.

The main difficulty during this project was the amount of work we wanted to do  and the fact that the team was incomplete most of the time due to sickness. This meant we had to work double as hard during the time we had, to create what we had in mind. This also caused an uneven workload for the different teammembers, which caused some frustration. Fortunately, we had so much motivation to work on this project and got even more motivation after noticing that a lot of people were interested in our project. So due to good communication and a lot of hard work, we were able to create a nice prototype for this project. We are very proud of our work and the final product.

If we were to work on this project another time, or again, we should start with listening to each point of view before we start working (and continue to do so during the project), because this could have solved some frustrations during this project. Also we should take into account sickness of teammembers to devide the workload in a better way. Furthermore, we now have more knowledge about Unity, so we could further develop the next prototype in the same amount of time.

In conlcusion, this was a very fun and interesting project. We had great team members and we developed a great prototype that we can be proud of. Thank you all for your interest in this project, because this gave us a lot of motivation to work hard.


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