Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s – Validating Content

The project is slowly coming to an end, which means it is time to finalize the concept.
This week everything will come together, in time for the big presentation in tuesday, the 1st of November.

Last week we conducted some user tests, to validate our original concept and content.
The general idea of the app is an Interactive and Personal tour. This means the visitor will be free to explore whichever part of the temple they find most interesting, whether it be Architecture, Origin, Tradition or Relocation.
However, the way this is presented has to be clear for the visitor, seeing as adjusting to the novelty of using the Hololens can be hard enough.

We were pleased to find out that people responded positively to our new way of offering information. Instead of having one place to read one sheet of paper, they can now pick a route and discover more information as they explore the temple.

The old way of receiving information

The old way of receiving information

Isis providing the main menu of the tour.

The new way of receiving information

Another thing we made sure to double check, was the information about the temple that is incorporated in the app. We went to the museum again to meet with Professor Raven, the curator at the National Museum of Antiquities.

Our meeting with Professor Raven

Our meeting with Professor Raven

One of the main things he wanted us to know, is how hard it is to say with certainty what the interior and surroundings of the temple looked like, and what the traditions were exactly. Unfortunately, the temple was damaged over the years and the floor was not salvable anymore.

This means we have to find a compromis between creating an experience that is as authentic as possible, but also shows the possibilities of incorporating the Hololens. We feel like we are well underway with finding that compromis and have high hopes for the end of this project.


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