New Week, New Work

This week, it was time to sit down and finalize the concept.

We had some difficulties deciding which part of the project was more important to focus on,-because of the limited amount of time-  the concept or the final product.

This was mostly due to the fact that our different studies had different views on the matter. However, after having discussed this, we came up with a good compromise.
We split the group up into two teams;  team Brainstorm and team Unity, meeting every day at lunchtime to discuss our progress.

Team Brainstorm was responsible for collecting all the information relevant to the exhibit, and designing a new user experience for the visitor of the museum.


One of the many brainstormsessions

The brainstorming not only meant coming up with a concept on how to display the information in a new way using the hololens, but also working out all the details (e.g. pop-ups, specific texts, interfaces etc.). So far, we are very pleased with the results. Over the course of next week we want to conduct additional user tests, with the help of visualisations.

Team Unity focused on the technical part of the experience, the programming. This meant we first had to become more familiar with the program, by following the tutorials and discovering the possibilities of Unity. We learned different ways to interact with surroundings, using gestures and different voicecommands. The tutorials gave us new insights and ideas on how to implement the newly learned features in the project.  Even though the tutorials were very hard work and took a long time to complete, the results were more than worth it and made us very enthusiastic and motivated.

Next week will be a matter of dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s concerning the brainstormsession, and then the four of us will focus solely on the realization of our concept.

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